Disability Management and compliance fall primarily within the scope of the Employment Equity Act of 1998. Because the purpose of the Act is to achieve equity in the workplace, people with disabilities are considered a designated group that needs to be represented across diverse occupational categories and levels.

Not only do organisations have to comply with the regulations of the EE Act and the submission of EE Plans and Reports, but they can also gain BBBEE points towards the BBBEE scorecard and meet their EE targets by implementing a well-planned Disability Management programme. A DM Programme gives an organisation a structured procedure to understanding, employing, and developing people with disabilities so that the workplace becomes more equitable, cooperative, inclusive, and productive.

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At Siyaya Consulting we have a holistic and people-centred approach to Disability Management. We are also committed to providing employment opportunities, improving disability understanding and eliminating barriers in the workplace to ensure individuals have access to a productive, healthy, safe, and equitable environment. We:

Offer a complete service within three specialist areas, namely:
Learnership Support Services
Disability Inclusivity Services
Higher Education Disability Support Services
Help you develop a proactive Disability Management strategy aligned to your overall
Business and EE strategies.
Employ a team of highly qualified and dedicated Occupational Therapists.
Give your organisation, your employees, and people with disabilities the support you
need to implement a DM programme.
Analyse the workplace environment and accessibility for people with disabilities.
Recruit and match suitable disabled candidates to your organisation.


Align all OT processes to relevant and current legislation.
For Skills Development Service Providers, our Learnership Support Services include Proof of Diagnosis Verification, Functional Assessment, Inclusivity Site Audits, Sensitisation, and Transition to the World of Work.
For Human Resource Managers and Line Managers, our Disability Inclusivity Services incorporate Proof of Diagnosis Verification, Functional Assessment, Thriving in the World of Work workshops, Inclusivity Site Visits, Sensitisation and HR and Management workshops and training.
For Higher Education Institutions, their employees and final year students with disabilities, our Higher Education Disability Support Services comprise Inclusivity Site Audits for the Institution, Transition to the World of Work programmes for disabled students and Sensitisation workshops for employees to create a culture of inclusion and acceptance.
Learnership Support Services
Disability Inclusivity Services
Higher Education Services