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Please Note: There is a very long waiting list for persons without disability and over 28 years old. Please be patient – we try to assist as many people as possible but have a substantial waiting list for learnerships and try our best to place learners in a programme that best suits them. There is also unfortunately no clear waiting period to be contacted, as we work through existing applications first, and allocate learners based on projects that come in.


Siyaya Skills Institute is a professionally-accredited Training Provider which satisfies the requirements of the new Skills Development legislation in South Africa. Siyaya, an externally verified Level 1, BBBEE contributor, ensures the delivery of quality learning and maximum financial and strategic benefits for all levy paying clients. Our focus is to provide solutions to our clients, assisting them in the integration of company compliance with the various prescriptive and elective legislation, while increasing the productivity and effectiveness of employees through our quality learning experiences.

It is our vision and mission to make a significant contribution towards the National Skills Development Strategy and the socio-economic development of the nation, and to empower individuals to achieve their full potential through quality learning experiences


At Siyaya  we have a holistic and people-centred approach to learning development. We are also committed to providing employment opportunities, improving industry understanding and eliminating barriers in the workplace to ensure individuals have access to a productive, healthy, safe, and equitable environment.

Today, Siyaya Skills Institute is recognized as an experienced and highly capable specialist services provider who has successfully completed in excess of 12 000 national qualifications and learnerships since 2001.


Fully Accredited SETA Qualifications: Our Learnerships are aligned to the National Qualifications Framework, maximising clients’ funding opportunities through Section 12 H (a) of the Income Tax Act as well as Mandatory and Pivotal Grant reimbursement.
Accredited SETA Skills Programmes: Our registered Skills Programmes are Unit Standard aligned and formally assessed, enabling learners to gain recognition towards Full Qualifications.
Short Courses: Our Short Courses narrow the performance gap by encouraging an environment of interactive education which provides learners the platform to achieve their full potential.
Recruit and match suitable candidates to your organisation and placing them at Host Employers to develop their practical skills.