Since 2016, Siyaya Skills Institute has proudly partnered with Pernod Ricard South Africa (PRSA) on their transformative journey. Over the past 29 years in South Africa, PRSA has been a stalwart in brand-building and fostering conviviality.

Established on July 8, 1994, after the birth of South Africa’s democracy, PRSA embarked on a mission to contribute to the nation’s growth. With affiliates across Namibia, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, and Mozambique, PRSA’s influence extends far beyond borders.

In January 2020, the relocation of their head office from Cape Town to Johannesburg marked a pivotal moment, uniting PRSA with Pernod Ricard Sub-Saharan Africa, to form the Pernod Ricard Sub-Saharan Africa Management Entity. Today, they employ nearly 500 people across Africa, with around 300 based in South Africa.

Navigating the complexities of B-BBEE compliance as a foreign-owned multinational presented challenges. Undeterred, the PRSA leadership team set an ambitious goal in 2022: achieving a Level 4 contributor status by December 2023.

This endeavour required a meticulous plan and collaboration between multiple stakeholders in both PRSA and Siyaya. To capitalise on a range of other elements, we ensured that the maximum points were achieved on Supplier, Enterprise & Socio-Economic Development, and Skills Development, as always.

The next challenge was the Skills Development element. With approval for funds and a well-coordinated initiative, the PRSA team tackled the most challenging element: Preferential Procurement. It was necessary to elevate results from 11.06 to the target of over 24 points, placing PRSA above the 75-point mark and positioning them for a Level 4 status after the 30 June 2023 financial period.  The YES initiative alone provided PRSA with a +2-level increase.

After a 6-month wait and a switch to a new B-BBEE verification agency, the audit was completed. On December 18, 2023, PRSA achieved Level 4 B-BBEE status, a testament to their commitment to transformation and excellence.

Congratulations on a journey of growth, collaboration, and positive change.

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