A Disability Management Programme gives an organisation a structured procedure to understanding, employing, and developing people with disabilities so that the workplace becomes more equitable, cooperative, inclusive, and productive.

Disability Management and compliance fall primarily within the scope of the Employment Equity Act of 1998. Because the purpose of the Act is to achieve equity in the workplace, people with disabilities are considered a designated group that needs to be represented across diverse occupational categories and levels.

Not only do organisations have to comply with the regulations of the EE Act and the submission of EE Plans and Reports, but they can also gain BBBEE points towards the BBBEE scorecard and meet their EE targets by implementing a well-planned Disability Management programme.


Siyaya Skills Institute offers a holistic, customised and people-centred approach to Disability Management.

We are committed to providing employment opportunities, improving disability understanding and eliminating barriers in the workplace to ensure individuals have access to a productive, healthy, safe, and equitable environment. Not only do we focus on supporting our delegates, but we assist employers with understanding the challenges of managing disabilities in the workplace.

We provide an end-to-end solution that positively addresses learning and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, within a mainstream South African business environment. Our unique approach supports both the client and the learner.

It is our aim to recognise that persons with disabilities enjoy the same rights as abled individuals. We endeavour to promote quality of life through our disability management team and offered learnership programmes. Our dedicated team of Occupation Therapists have extensive knowledge and practical understanding on how to support employers and persons with disabilities.

We offer:

Delegate Recruitment for Learnership Programmes, matching suitable disabled candidates to your organisation.
Proof of Diagnosis Verification, ensuring proof of disability validity and authenticity.
Diagnosis Specific Functional Assessments, with a team of dedicated Occupational Therapists.
Reasonable Accommodation Reporting, ensuring a workplace environment accessible for people with disabilities.
Sensitisation Workshops, creating a culture of inclusion and acceptance among employees.
Developing proactive Disability Management Strategies for organisations, aligned to the Employment Equity Strategy


Compliance, in some shape or form, with The Department of Trade and Industries Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment scorecard has become a vital part of doing business in South Africa.

Bearing this in mind, every point within the seven elements on which companies are measured, is important. Previously, the targets pertaining to business engagement with disabilities were thought to be unachievable. However, through Siyaya Skills Institute solutions, companies are being recognised for their investment.