Cleaning and hygiene services, as well as waste management, place workers at a higher-than-average risk of exposure to occupational health hazards. For this reason, workplace safety is of paramount importance and should be accompanied by regular occupational health checks.

Cleaning, hygiene, and recycling services are essential in all sectors and workplaces, including hospitals, laboratories, offices, factories, schools, and waste sorting and processing. “The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) legislates it is an employer’s duty to provide all employees with occupational, health and safety information and training, as far as reasonably possible, to ensure the health and safety of all employees at work. We are aware that every company has different health-related risks, specific to their processes. We offer comprehensive training services tailored to meet client’s unique needs and specifications. Our programmes provide full, easy to understand training for your employees at any level.


Our courses can be customised and delivered on-site or via virtual facilitator-led online classrooms.



GETC: Domestic Services – SAQA ID: 23853 – Level 1
GETC: Hygiene and Cleaning – SAQA ID: 57937 – Level 1
NC: Specialist Hygiene and Cleaning Services – SAQA ID: 36233 – Level 2
NC: Hygiene & Cleaning Supervision – SAQA ID: 20175 – Level 3

Short Programmes

Basic Cleaning Principles – Level 1
Cleaning Support Services – Level 1
Personal Hygiene for Healthy Living – Level 1
Hard Floors: Clean, Strip & Seal – Level 1
Customer Service in the Cleaning Industry – Level 1
Office Cleaning and Hygiene – Level 1
Clean Kitchens – Level 1
Clean Toilets and Bathrooms – Level 1
Clean High Risk Infectious Environments – Level 2
Microbial Cleaning- Level 2
Understanding HIV AIDS In The Workplace – Level 3
Implement Cleaning Maintenance Processes – Level 3