Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment in the workplace is governed by the Black Economic Empowerment Act of 2003, the Skills Development Levies Act and the Employment Equity Act, which collectively aim to reward organisations that commit to economic transformation. The compliance guidelines are outlined in the General BBBEE Codes of Good Practice (CoGP) and the Revised Codes of Good Practice (RCoGP) or one of the nine sector codes.

Organisations need to comply with complex regulations and are eligible for licensing and incentives if they achieve targets proportionate to their investments. To do so they need to acquire contributor status, calculated against targets, giving a score. Siyaya Consulting is an externally verified Level 1 BBBEE contributor and ensures maximum financial and strategic benefits for all levy-paying clients. By selecting us as your preferred supplier, you earn 135% against procurement recognition.


We offer a complete BBBEE Consulting Service where we advise and help you achieve your desired level of BBBEE compliance efficiently and cost-effectively. Our team of dedicated experts guide you to the correct compliancy level and we manage, collect and complete documentation for verification.


Identify your BBBEE compliant investments and establish your current level of conformity.
Monetize the difference between your naturally occurring compliance and the initiatives you can implement to achieve contributor status.
Deliver compliance at the lowest average cost by integrating the mandatory compliance with the Skills Development Levies Act and Employment Equity Act.
Ensure that any organisation investment occurs once and counts against all three pieces of legislation.
Calculate the highest action to points ratios, so you get the highest yield.
We actively seek out the supporting legislation to assist you in funding the initiatives.


Explain the BBBEE Codes relative to your own business.
Analyse your current level of compliance with the BBBEE Codes.
Prepare BBBEE scenarios highlighting actions to achieve the contributor
Implement and manage BBBEE strategy and formulate corrective strategies,
where necessary.
Provide evidentiary templates.
BBBEE file assembly, evaluation, and scoring, prior to verification.
Verification preparation.
Facilitation of verification appeals and objections, where necessary.
BBBEE Online Manager platform.