Employment Equity is governed primarily by the Employment Equity Act of 1998. The purpose of the Act is to achieve equity in the workplace through promoting equal opportunity and implementing affirmative action.

Organisations need to eliminate unfair discrimination and redress past disadvantages of designated groups to ensure they are represented across diverse occupational categories and levels in the workplace. Organisations and employers that employ more than 50 people or have a total annual turnover that is equal to or above the applicable annual turnover threshold, must implement EE Plans and compile EE Reports. In addition, an EE Manager and Committee is necessary to act as the link between business, employees, and trade unions.


Given the importance of legislation and the complexity of compliance, Siyaya Consulting acts as your trusted partner to help you achieve equity, ensure diversity, and promote fair and sustainable Human Resource processes. We:

Offer a complete service backed by a team of industry experts who stay ahead of, and understand, changes and developments within the Department of Employment and Labour frameworks.
Identify and analyse your current level of EE conformity.
Gather relevant information on your profiles, job titles and occupation levels to
assist you with your EE plans.
Guide and support you with your EE filing, reporting, submissions, and audits.


Explain EE requirements, relevant to your own organisation and its unique needs.
Analyse your current level of compliance.
Gather information relating to your workplace profiles, job titles and occupation levels
Align job titles to occupation levels
Provide evidentiary templates.
Formulate and implement your EE Policies and Procedures.
Identify the roles and responsibilities of individuals involved in your EE Plan
Compile EE Plans
Set numeric targets for each year of your EE plan.
Submit manual or online annual EEA2 and EEA4 Reports to the Department of
Employment and Labour.
Report and give feedback on submitted EE plans.
Set up, record, and maintain the EE file with its required documentation.
Represent you, the employer, in a consultative capacity during Department of
Employment and Labour audits.
An EE Help Desk in each geographic region to answer compliance-related questions.