The Skills Development Levies Act and The Skills Development Act are especially relevant to SDF services as they provide a framework for organisations to develop and improve employee skills.

Organisations and employers that are registered with SARS for PAYE and have an annual payroll of over R 500 000 or more than 50 employees, must pay skills levies.

Organisations need a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) to analyse, plan, implement, and report on all training activities in an organisation. They also develop and monitor personal development plans for each employee, draw up Workplace Skills Plans (WSPs) and are responsible for SETA related duties for the organisation.


Our Skills Development Facilitator services are aimed at organisations that wish to align their skills development with their strategic corporate objectives. We offer a complete Skills Development Facilitation Service using an integrated approach to education, training and development initiatives that are aligned to your organisation and employee needs. Our team of professionals ensures that you are compliant with the relevant legislation and that you adhere to quality standards. We:

Help you identify areas where skills are needed and plan the appropriate interventions to address any gaps.
Provide you with a return of between 50 and 350% of money invested, dependent on your level of participation.
Collaborate with you to administer and plan your skills development effectively.
Ensure your organisation records training experiences correctly and that you submit the required documentation to be reimbursed with your SETA Mandatory Grants.
Set up your Workplace Training Committee so that meetings occur.
Make sure your organisation is prepared and meets the requirements of the Skills Development Monitoring and Auditing visits.


Deliver a comprehensive turnkey Skills Planning.
Develop WSPs and submit Annual Training Reports (ATRs).
Deliver stand-alone elements of the SDF services.
Straightforward SETA documentation compilation and submission.