Manufacturing and production are becoming more automated and technology driven. Mainstream production, manufacturing, engineering, and technological qualifications have previously not focused sufficiently on technology.  Our qualifications bridge the gap between specific occupational qualifications and their acquired skills and production technology competencies needed in the industry today.

Individuals working in Production Management who want to improve productivity and operations at their place of work will benefit from these skills-based, practical programmes. The qualifications are aimed primarily at Manufacturing specialists, Production Managers, Technical Managers, Engineers, Technicians, Supervisors, Foremen, Team leaders and Line workers. Individuals who work in alternative fields such as Purchasing, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Quality Control, Warehousing and Logistics will also benefit substantially from these programmes.


Our courses can be customised and delivered on-site or via virtual facilitator-led online classrooms.



NC: Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Activities – SAQA ID: 23253  – Level 1
NC: Production Technology – SAQA ID: 58781 – Level 2
NC: Production Technology – SAQA ID: 58785 – Level 3
FETC: Production Technology – SAQA ID: 58779 – Level 4

Skills Programmes

Assistant Metal Joiner – Level 2
Health & Safety Skills – Level 2
Material Stock Balance Maintainer – Level 2
Procured Re-treading Skills – Level 2
Production Operator – Level 2
Routine Maintenance Operator – Level 2
Routine Maintenance using Tools & Equipment – Level 2
Stock Counting – Level 2
Understanding of Quality Indicators in Manufacturing – Level 2
Work in a Team – Level 2
First Line Maintainer – Level 3
Logistics and Planning Phase 3 – Level 3
Assistant Project Manager – Level 4
Logistics and Planning Phase 4 – Level 4
Production Coordinating Skills – Level 4
Production Quality Assurance Skills – Level 4
Project Budget Supervisory Skills – Level 4
Warehouse and Logistic Planner – Level 4